Welcome to the team, Ellie!

The Recruitment Geeks are happy to announce that we welcomed our new apprentice this week. Ellie joins us having just completed her A-Levels and will be completing a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship.

Throughout her time with us, our imaginative new colleague will learn the ins and outs of digital marketing within a busy recruitment consultancy. Organisation and time management will be two of the skills Ellie will refine, as she assists our consultants with their social media promotions, blog posts, and job advertisements. Of course, we cannot forget the most important job that every apprentice must complete with diligence, regardless of all their other responsibilities – the coffee runs. Ellie is already starting to absorb a mountain of information from our Geeks and is enjoying spending time with the different teams.

Ellie has chosen us for her apprenticeship and is excited about the opportunity that it presents to her; while she does not know exactly what she wants to do in the future she does know that it will likely be in the world of marketing. The experiences and knowledge that her role will give her will help give her the power to shape her own future, to open pathways that may not have been open to her beforehand.

On her first day, she started as most young adults do on their first day of work right out of college, fresh-faced and ready to get stuck in and by the end of her first day, we had her questioning how she was going to survive! We’re glad though, that with the support of the office, her first week has been a success, with Ellie starting to produce her first copy and plenty of advice and mentoring from the entire team.

Now that we have reached the conclusion to our first week, she has found that it was not as daunting as she initially thought: she is even looking forward to Monday morning! We hope that she has a restful weekend first.

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