Interviewing in a crazy time.

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

"I miss Brexit."

These were the words used by one of our team members this morning as we discussed the latest news over our (remote) meeting and morning coffee. At least with Brexit, the stories and the players in them were pretty predictable! The news stories right now seem to develop so quickly, that it's hard to keep up with how fast things are changing. It truly is a challenging time and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels we're currently in uncharted territory across the globe.

For employers, knowing how to respond to the threat of Covid-19 is particularly difficult, especially when the potential consequences of getting it wrong could be so severe. No employer wants to expose staff to increased risk and this is being demonstrated by the number of businesses who are telling their workers to work from home, or if not possible, at least avoid external meetings.

It may feel like the world has stopped, but as the saying goes, "time and tide wait for no man." No matter what, your business still needs to look to the future and a big part of that is finding the staff you need, team members will still be moving into new roles within your organisation, retirements and resignations will still happen.

No matter how pressing the need to hire is, it's totally understandable that many employers will probably want to limit, or even cut to zero, the number of face to face interviews that they conduct. Quite the conundrum isn't it? How to interview without interviewing. The great news is that the Recruitment Geeks have got this covered for you and your managers.

We've always had the ability to facilitate remote interviews for our international clients and would now like to take the opportunity to offer this service to our UK based clients free of charge. In the new reality we're all facing, this is a service that can help to minimise disruption to your business, allowing you to hire the talent you need without experiencing delays.

The service we use offers the following features:

  • Private virtual space to conduct your video interview

Our solution doesn't care what device you or your candidate is using.
  • Ability to conduct panel interviews

  • Screen-sharing and whiteboard tools

  • The ability to record and review interviews

  • No limit on meeting length

  • Device agnostic approach

  • Ability to call in via phone if required

We are confident that this tool will prove invaluable in the coming months and even assist with the paradigm shift that may just be happening now. Once employers move towards a more home based workforce and their teams start to enjoy the benefits of that structure, they may just stick with it for the long term and this will demand a new way of working from everyone.

Of course, the aim of any interview is to employ someone. We can also help with onboarding of remote workers who've come through the remote interview process and help to ensure that Covid-19 doesn't have to stop your business moving forward entirely: just let us know what you need.

Neil has a proven history within Science & Technology recruitment and has been a recruiter and then business manager for over ten years.

In 2017, Neil formed The Recruitment Geeks because he'd always felt that there was a better way to operate a recruitment company; he firmly believes that focusing on a client's needs is not mutually exclusive with providing a good candidate experience.

You can book a call with Neil by clicking here.

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