Why it is Important to Build Good Working Relationships

Going out of your way to build a good relationship with the people you work with at times may seem like a bit of a wasted effort. You are paid to go in, do your work, and go out - not to make friends with everyone you see. At times it can feel a bit taxing, but there are a lot of benefits that come with developing a good relationship with your colleges. This does not mean that you need to become their best friend and know all the intricate details of their life, there is a significant difference between the friends you have in and out of work. You should aim to create a professional and friendly relationship with those you work with.

If you are someone who struggles to talk to those you don't speak to very often, here are a few tips that might help you to set the foundation to building a strong relationship with the people you work with:

Be Positive:

People like to spend time around those who are positive and will try to avoid those who hold more negativity. If you're a positive energy within your workplace, people will be drawn to you, and it will make it much easier to create a friendly relationship with those around you. Being positive isn't about always having a smile on your face and waking up ready for a full day of work, that's a tad unrealistic. It could be just having time for those around you, laughing at a joke, or always greeting them when you come in. It's the small things that could make their day.

Ask Questions:

If you're not sure where to start with a conversation and have no idea what to say, try asking questions. Not only will it help you to get to know them better, but it lets them lead the conversation and lets them know that you're interested in what they have to say. If you're unsure of what to say, pets are always a good topic to go with as most pet owners will be more than happy to tell you all about their furry friend.

Active Listening:

A conversation is in no way a one-way thing, for it to work both parties must listen to what was said and then respond to it. Ask follow-up questions and make relevant comments to make the conversation more meaningful than just surface level small talk that you make just to say you tried. That you value their thoughts and opinions.

Offer Help/Ask for Help:

If it looks like one of your co-worker's is on the verge of mental collapse, it might be an idea to help them. As well as being just a nice thing to do, helping your co-workers from time to time is a fantastic way to bond with them, take some weight off their shoulders, and show them that you care about their wellbeing. It helps to build trust between the two of you.

This is something that should go both ways, if you're willing to help then you should be willing to ask and accept help too. If you feel like you're starting to fall apart and are a bit lost, just ask for a little bit of help. It's not embarrassing - you're only human and you cannot be expected to do everything like a machine. When they do help you, make sure that you show them your gratitude and that you recognise what they did. If you don't, it undermines what they did for you and is more likely to upset them then build a friendly relationship with them.

Show You're Grateful:

It is so important that people are shown the gratitude they deserve, and you can do this in several separate ways. Even just a small but meaningful thank you could make their day. It shows that you respect them and hugely appreciate what they have done for you.

The Benefits of Building Good Relationships:

Having good relationships with the people your work with is the key to enjoying your work. It's all well and good having a wonderful job but if you don't get along with the people you have to see - it will get tedious. Good relationships at work will make your job more bearable, no matter how bad your job might be. Not to mention that close-nit team are typically far more productive than those who struggle to hold a conversation with each other.

Your work relationships are built on trust and respect, so it is good to build them now so that you can expand your professional connections for your future.

Building and working to maintain these relationships will:

  • Help you bring yourself and your team to the next level.

  • Up the productivity of you and those around you.

  • Bring the overall moral up.

  • Increase the collaboration between co-workers.

Overall, there are a lot of varied reasons to put time into developing good relationships with your co-workers along with several ways you can strengthen the bonds between everyone in your workplace. It is worth putting a little bit of your time into creating those connections now as it may help you both now, in the future, and makes work more bearable.

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