Can Your Business Attract the Talent it Needs?

It's been a busy few months for us at The Recruitment Geeks and there are lots of exciting things happening in the background. In our last post, we shared some thoughts on the way that employment trends could develop and talked about the impact that they could have on both employers and jobseekers alike.

At the beginning of 2020, we were in what is known as a candidate driven market and in many of the sectors we recruit for, that is still very much the case. Employers are competing with each other for a very small number of suitable candidates and this means that standing out as an employer is vitally important.

One of the most effective ways that businesses can really stand out and attract staff is to invest in training and development because given equal salaries, employees who feel more valued and invested in by their employer, tend to remain loyal and engaged longer than those who do not. It's the law of diminishing returns. For someone who earns a very low salary, the main driver for them to seek a new role is that they wish to improve their financial position; once they've reached a salary level where all of their needs are met, company culture, long-term career development opportunities and the nature of their work become much more important factors in their decision making.

For SME organisations, it has historically been difficult to compete with larger organisations in many of these areas: it can feel that larger organisations have the resources to fund continuous professional development, provide employee benefits and progress their careers. For many smaller employers, it has been a struggle to juggle the demands of their business and clients with the need to support and develop their employees and that is an area that we've been working on.

We're pleased to announce that we're now in a position to begin offering valuable and affordable employee engagement and development solutions to organisations of all sizes.

Starting this month, we began offering a course "The Power of Authenticity" delivered by The Reluctant Salesman. This course is designed for people working in professional services roles where their role is client facing. It's sales training for professionals who aren't sales people and is designed to help individuals and their organisations make the most of the relationships that they already have.

The Reluctant Salesman understands that while almost everyone likes to buy, it's very rare to

find someone who likes being sold to. The course avoids the normal pitfalls of sales training by staying away from clichéd techniques and focusing on relationship building. It's CPD accredited, offering a full 15 hours/points and not only that, it can provide a real return on investment for your business.

If your staff require annual CPD training, this is a great course because it's so different to many other CPD courses, is engaging to study and can have a positive impact on the profitability of your business as a whole.

This course can also be accessed by individuals who are looking to upskills or refresh their skills and the great news is, we can offer a real saving versus purchasing this training directly. For more information and to enquire, you can click here.

There are a range of other services available too that include:

  • Strategic consulting to help your business secure the talent it needs

  • Team Dynamics testing which can help you as a business owner or leader to identify gaps in your team and more importantly, who can fill them.

We're also working on extra services like GDPR and Data Protection training for your team and we're even working to bring an employee engagement and benefits package that can be both affordable and accessible for smaller employers.

The next few years could be as challenging as they are exciting for the business world. Give yourself a competitive edge by investing in your current and future team now.

Neil has a proven history within Science & Technology recruitment and has been a recruiter and then business manager for over ten years.

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