2021 and Lockdown 3.0

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Our last update was released back in November, just as we were facing lockdown 2. Since then, we've released very few updates because we've been so busy. Our recruiters have been working with a range of clients, helping them to fill vacancies and in the background, we've prepared for increasing our team size in 2021.

November's lockdown was totally different to March's, with a good number of people helped into new roles and then December, usually a month where very little happens in recruitment, saw us help even more people to find a great role for the new year.

As the office was closing for Christmas, there was a quiet optimism that 2021 could offer a fresh start and a real opportunity to build on the momentum we had gained. Boris's announcement, after just one "normal" working day of 2021, was quite a blow but thankfully, business has continued and while I can't say it's not tricky right now, we're working with a lot of businesses and have a healthy range of vacancies. Could your next role be among them?

Our latest vacancies are found here and include some exciting roles, such as the vacancy for React PHP & Flutter Developers to be home-based, anywhere in the UK, but working for a great Plymouth company that is expanding fast.

Welcome to the team Kerensa

Our first new staff member of 2021 is Kerensa who has now started as our new Candidate Consultant. Kerensa has 6 years of recruitment experience and her skill is in finding the candidates that others miss. She'll be working with our consultants to help fill roles and her skills will really boost the team here.

Video Interviews with Odro

Odro may seem like a bit of an odd name for software but after quite a few months of lockdowns, remote working and remote interviews, we feel it is the very best video-based, interview software available now.

We've pushed the button with Odro, so as of this week, it's now a big part of what we do.

Odro offers a whole range of tools but some of the highlights are:

  • Video messaging

  • 1 way Interviews (giving candidates the chance to record a video and respond to pre-prepared, typed questions from clients: a great chance to add colour to the experience shown in their CV)

  • 2-way, live interviews

Our candidates benefit from simple, straightforward, browser based tools that allow them to make headway in a remote world (there's no need to install software), while clients benefit from software agnostic facilitation of video messaging, remote interviews and candidate feedback.

We can also facilitate interviews in a secure, browser based environment that doesn't require software installation. One of the biggest technical challenges over the last year has been the different software tools that people use and those tools' inability to play nicely with each other: sometimes it can be like VHS vs Betamax all over again. Using Odro helps us to avoid these issues entirely.

We hope that our clients and candidates will love it as much as we do.

Surviving during Lockdown 3.

The last two lockdowns were challenging enough but with schools closed and offering a full timetable of remote learning this time round, lockdown can be even more challenging. Working parents are often having to act as schoolroom monitor, deal with sibling arguments and help with questions, all while trying to focus on their own work.

I spoke to a friend the other day who has been office based throughout Lockdowns 1 and 2 but who's employer has now sorted out the security issues that were forcing them to keep everyone office based. He's now been told that he will be working from home and is dreading it because of his home and work lives becoming mingled.

One suggestion I did see on Linkedin was the idea of the "virtual commute", which is a walk or ride before and after work that helps to distinguish between work and home. Obviously, government guidelines are that exercise should only really be once a day so I would recommend using the walk or ride to end the working day as that isn't against the guidelines right now. Getting out for a bit helps to draw a line under your day's work and provides separation, giving time to put work to bed, take a deep breath and start thinking about the evening meal and home life. I've always found that commuting by car is good for this too but driving, just for the sake of it, is a real no-no right now.

Give a "virtual commute" a try: it may just help.

Here are some other quick suggestions:

  • Getting organised: Rid yourself of clutter that can make your space disorganised.

  • Personalising your workspace: Adding a personal touch to your workspace, with family photos, art, plants, or even a fun mousepad, can add a level of comfort and flair that will help you get through the workday.

  • Letting adequate light into your workspace: Ensure that your workspace is well lit, whether with natural light from the sun or artificial light like a desk lamp. If you've set up a workspace that is darker, you could try a circadian or daylight lamp that will help keep you alert.

  • Adding a little noise: Playing your favourite music list can help to keep your mood upbeat and even help you to focus. (If you have a smart speaker, you can try asking it to play thunderstorm or river sounds in the background, especially if you find music distracting)

That's it for this update but the aim is to make the updates a little more frequent over the coming weeks.

Don't forget, we're happy to help with your next career move or hire so whether you're a jobseeker or an employer, drop us a line and we'll do our best to help you.

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