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Neil Roberts

Neil has a proven history within Science & Technology recruitment and has been a recruiter and then business manager for over ten years.


In 2017, Neil formed The Recruitment Geeks because he'd always felt that there was a better way to operate a recruitment company; he firmly believes that focusing on a client's needs is not mutually exclusive with providing a good candidate experience. 

Value wise, Neil firmly believes that recruitment is successful when it is carried out ethically, collaboratively and openly.

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Mark Smallpage

Mark previously worked as a teacher before entering the world of recruitment: he has a great knowledge and interest for all things science and technology: Mark is extremely passionate about identify great talent that can help drive the sectors forward. 

Keen to dispel the common view of recruiters as distant individuals who are focused on quick wins only, he is keen to ensure that every candidate experiences a personal, supportive and positive relationship with The Recruitment Geeks. 

Mark is not afraid to challenge commonly held views and will robustly advocate for you as a candidate; he will always work with your best interests at the centre of what he does. 

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Brian Rossiter

Brian specialises in delivering recruitment projects for companies across the UK and is passionate about helping organisations to succeed by treating recruitment, development and retention of staff holistically. 

Whether you're looking to grow or are finding it hard to attract the right candidates, Brian will be happy to meet with you to understand the challenges and discuss solutions that can help you achieve your growth plans while saving you the time and energy that you could otherwise use to focus on your business. 

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Andy Thompson

Andy is our specialist Accountancy & Finance Recruiter.  ​

Clients range from micro enterprises through to Top 50 UK Accountancy practices and with such a strong client base, The Recruitment Geeks is able to attract some of the best candidates available on the market now.

Andy is keen that, unlike many other recruitment agencies, our Accountancy & Finance Team don’t go for the ‘hard sell’.  Ensuring candidates find the right role is much more important, crucial in fact, in ensuring we form ongoing and strong relationships with both employers and candidates.

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Kerensa Sydenham

Kerensa joined The Recruitment Geeks in 2021 with 6 years of recruitment industry experience. She is one of our candidate consultants and has a real knack for finding the candidates that others can miss. Our clients really appreciate her attention to detail and her ability to quickly match candidates to roles. 

As a Candidate Consultant, Kerensa is here to help you if you are looking for your next role; book an initial call with her below to discuss your next opportunity.  

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Kate Woodward

Kate is one of our candidate consultants and to say that no one knows what she actually does is a compliment. Kate works in mysterious ways but, even when the role is extremely specialised and hard to fill, she always seems to find great candidates with the skillsets our clients seek.


As a Candidate Consultant,  Kate's focus is on matching the right people to the right roles, so book some time with Kate to discuss your next career move here.  

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Ruth Stevens

Ruth has been a key member of the team since 2017 and has achieved great success as a recruiter but for Ruth, client service and account management is what gets her up in the morning.


She is so passionate about working with clients that as of January 2021, she became our Business Development Manager and now works closely with Ashley to look after our existing client accounts and develop new relationships. 

Ruth is always happy to spend time getting to know your business; so if you're looking for your next hire, book a call with her below. 

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Ashley Woodward

Ashley joined The Recruitment Geeks in 2021 as a Business Development Manager: experienced in Key Account Management and Business Development, Ashley is always looking to build strong, ongoing relationships with clients. 

If you would like to discuss your recruitment needs and find out about how The Recruitment Geeks can support you, book some time with Ashley below. 

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