The Recruitment Geeks: Equal Opportunities

General Operation

Provided it does not conflict with any overriding laws, this policy will apply in respect of work allocation, terms and conditions of work including pay, hours of work, holiday entitlement, overtime, sick pay and training.

In particular, management and supervisory employees will be made aware of both the general concerns of this policy and their specific responsibilities under relevant legislation.

Overall responsibility for the enactment of this policy will rest with the Managing Director of The Recruitment Geeks Group Ltd.


Statement Of Intent

The Recruitment Geeks Group Ltd is fully committed to a policy of Equal Opportunities and is unreservedly opposed to any form of discrimination being practised by or against its employees, candidates or clients on the grounds of their race, sex, marital status, age, disability, religious beliefs or sexual orientation.

In pursuance of the Company’s Equal Opportunities policy, conduct involving harassment and bullying of any candidate for any reason is also unacceptable.

The Recruitment Geeks Group Ltd expects and places an obligation upon all its managers, employees, candidates and clients to respect and act in accordance with both the letter and the spirit of its Equal Opportunities policy.


Where candidates consider that they have been subject to discrimination by employees or clients, which is in direct conflict with this policy, they should complain to their The Recruitment Geeks Group Ltd consultant.


If the complaint is about the consultant, the candidate should raise the complaint directly with the managing director of The Recruitment Geeks Group Ltd. The complaint will be investigated and the candidate advised of the outcome and any remedial action. This remedial action may include disciplinary action against the offending employee.


Where the candidate is dissatisfied with the outcome they can appeal in writing to the Managing Director of The Recruitment Geeks Group Ltd. The Managing Director’s decision is the final step in the procedure.